The Camden Assembly, London 15.11.16



Naomi Jeremiah


Well, well, well......It would appear there are some new kids in town, and if last night's gig was anything to go by, I'd prepare yourselves, because you are in for an ass kickin' very, very soon!!


DEAD MAN'S WHISKEY, a five piece rock band from London, were the second band to take to the stage at The Camden Assembly.


Forming in early 2016, they are a young, energetic, hard rockin' outfit. They opened their explosive set with 'Live Loud & Ready' and at that very instant had the crowd eating out of their palm. Their bass lines are hard and heavy, and grind into every cell of your being. You cannot help but form a connection with them rapidly, and then feel compelled to rock out with them. Their riffs are catchy, their rhythms groovy, and with a powerhouse of a front man, they are certainly making magic happen! It didn't take long for their captivating music to pull even more people into the venue.


Dead Man's Whiskey are Nico (Vocals), Billy (Lead Guitar), Elliott (Rhythm Guitar), James (Bass) and Charlie (Drums), and together they know how to make you stand up and listen. These guys are brave too, and last night I witnessed them take a risk. In their bio you can read who they have been influenced by, and amongst that list, they mention Black Stone Cherry. So with two songs under their belt, I never expected what they chose to do next. They covered a BSC classic, 'Me and Mary Jane'!  From the first beats in the intro, I remember thinking 'This is going to be interesting!' as I stepped forward like a curious child. WOW! WOW! WOW! Not so much a risk it would seem! If anyone was going to cover this track, this is the band, and Nico is the man for the job! Rather than mimic Chris Robertson, he put his own stamp on the song, and it felt fresh and exciting. His vocal range is off the scale, ridiculously good, and belts out track after track with passion and ease! I felt last night, that he was showcasing his capabilities, and it was impressive to see. He can command an audience with ease, he's charismatic and funny, and you can see that he loves to entertain. Billy is a phenomenal guitarist, I could listen to his solos for hours, nothing seems like too much effort for him as he shows his guitar who's boss. Elliott and James have a groovy rhythm section on the go, and bring a real blues undertone to their music. Again, extremely proficient musicians, they are a joy to listen to. Then we have Charlie on the drums.....You'd think he'd been playing for decades. He totally rocks!


They took us on a thrilling ride through 8 songs, including their hook laden debut single 'War Machine', guaranteed to sate the riff hungry rockers amongst you. They also played songs 'My Year' which was stunningly powerful with Nico's gravelly vocals in charge, and they finished their set by playing 'Rooster Crows' which was a great track to go out with a bang! Everything they played was melodically satisfying! I really couldn't get enough of them. Dead Man's Whiskey performed an excellent set, and it was well worth the effort to go and see them live, as this is the way in which this band were supposed to be heard. I left that gig absolutely buzzing, and already wondering how long I would have to wait before I could see them again. Judging by the rest of the crowd's reaction, I do not think that I would have been alone in feeling that way.


I am absolutely astounded by how great these guys sound. They're really on to something here, and with the right help have the most amazing potential. So, should you be interested in a young band new to the London rock circuit with an awesome raw talent, look no further than Dead Man's Whiskey.


I really hope that we see these guys added to Festival line ups in the UK soon. Would be awesome additions to the likes of Wildfire Festival & Planet Rockstock. It's incredibly exciting watching these 'new' bands appearing, keeping rock 'n' roll well and truly alive for generations to come!



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