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Bringing you all the latest Rock and Metal news in the UK music scene from #DownTheFront. Discussions about gigs attended, new album releases, and better still.....interviews with the bands that you know and love, as well as the usual fun and laughter!! Make sure you check out Behind The Barricade, and subscribe to DOWN THE FRONT Podcast to not miss out on any of these Rockin' episodes. Follow us on Facebook @DTFPod and Twitter @DTFPod for all the podcast links or click the links below.






Episode 22 - SEE THIS THROUGH / HOLLOWSTAR / HAMEREX - Available to download NOW!


Episode 23 - LAST BULLET / SCREAM SERENITY / SUPERFECTA - Available to download NOW!


Episode 24 - DIRTY THRILLS / BLACKTOP MOJO / COYOTE MAD SEEDS - Available to download NOW!


Episode 25 - PROMETHIUM / TANTRUM / BAD SOLUTION - Available to download 23.06.17


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